Feature - JULY 17

The Dying Dead Sea


In the feature, we take a look at Küstner's on his ongoing series 'The Dying Dead Sea'.


feature - May 17

The consequences of the European Migration Policy


Documentary photographer Hannes Jung's series Migration, examines the consequences of the European Migration Policy


Interview - April 17

Interview - JUne 17


Red Herring with Jordan Madge


A Stunning series Inspired by the disappearance of a girl in a small country town in Central Victoria, Australia, in 2009.



Paul Lehr's Feindesland


Paris based photographer Paul Lehr shares his opinions and experiences from his series 'Feindesland', following two women who, “In their youth lived among rebels: On the Eritrean front, Selam fought and Almaz sang against the Ethiopian occupiers.


Feature - April 17

Feature - may 17


Concours De Dressage Canin with Laurent Laporte


"There is a constant contrast between the affective complicity of the dog handler and his dog, the severity of their relationship,"



Philipp Meuser and Kolja Warnecke's  Paradox Country


Photographers Philipp Meuser and Kolja Warnecke examine the meaning of home and harmony in their on going series Paradox Country.

Ones To Watch


One To Watch

Ana Gabriela Crespo



One To Watch

Amanda Montenovo




Architect in Photography



One To Watch

Deo Suveera




The Tish Murtha Archive



One To Watch

Hannah Norton



One To Watch

Jack Fleming



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