Ana Gabriela Crespo


One To Watch

Tell me about your work, what is it you focus on capturing?


My work is mainly concerned with people. In the candid work that I do what I look for is a natural and unguarded moment. A sort of pause. Similarly, in the portraits that I take with consent, I give as little direction as possible, and often none at all, as I want the subject to present themselves as they see fit, so there is a greater sense of authenticity of self.


Who or what inspired you to be a photographer?


I am not entirely sure. I don’t think that it comes from a definitive moment or person. However, once I finished my degree in Art History, I realised that I wanted to be a creator as well as a viewer.


What are your plans for next projects?


Right now I am finding subjects for a project about masculinity in Latin American culture. I want to focus on how young men articulate and express this and how this differs from the previous generation. I will hopefully be travelling back home to Ecuador and to Colombia in the next few months.


Has Art or photography always been a part of your life growing up?


Yes and no. I enjoyed drawing as a kid and became very interested in painting as a teenager. I also chose to do photography as an A-level. However, like a lot of creative young people I felt awfully insecure about my artistic abilities and chose to drop all artistic pursuits at a very young age. I stopped painting once I completed my art GCSE and I stopped taking pictures once my A-level was finished. Its only in the past year that I began to take pictures again.


What is the best advice you have been given?


Always carry your camera with you and “if you don’t ask the answer will always be ‘no’” in regards to asking strangers for portraits.


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